Wikidot Editor

The Wikidot Editor is an offline editor designed to be used with the Wikidot Syntax. In comparison to other word processors, the editor doesn't hold up as a very useful application — for Wikidot users however, it should evolve as a powerful tool for site owners.

At the moment there is nothing to download, as it is still at a very early stage. Development has started but is slow. If you wish to help with development, feel free to contact us. The language being used is Java, so that the application will work on multiple desktop environments.

This website

Thanks goes to the following:

  • IronGiant Templates — all those that worked on the templates, thank you. Ideas have been taken from:
    • Blank, original site used for the clone
    • Issue Tracker, which will be the basis for this website's Tracker
    • Open Source, for the documentation and legal sections
    • Forum, for an obvious contribution ;)
  • pieterhpieterh's Scrollbar, which has been used for navigating between threads in the forum
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